Rachel Fister’s Blister

Rachel Fister’s Blister
By Amy MacDonald
Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Ages 2-7 years

• Best of 1990 (Hornbook Fanfare)

Available as a Hardcover, Paperback, Audio

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What’s it about?
When Rachel discovers a blister on her little toe, she makes the mistake of telling her mother about it. “Don’t alarm her! Bring the farmer!” cries her mother. “Call the doctor, call the nurse! We need help to fix the blister – Now! Before it gets much worse!” In her panic, Rachel’s mother calls everyone from the fireman to the priest – and everyone has a different idea how to cure the tiny blister. But nothing works until they consult Queen Alice for advice.

Where did the idea come from?
When my own daughter Emily was little, she was the kind of child (unlike all of you, I’m sure) who cried at the slightest scratch. And I was the kind of mother who never gave her much sympathy. My usual reaction to her tears was to say something like, “You’ll live, I’m sure.” So our household was the exact opposite of Rachel Fister’s (where Rachel is calm, and the mother is the one who panics.) I wrote Rachel Fister’s Blister as a little joke, a way of telling Emily, “I’m sorry for being so unkind all those times when you had a boo-boo.” That’s why it is dedicated to her!

Anything else?
I originally thought this book would be called “The Queen Should Know.” It was going to be about a smart queen who solved everyone’s problems. (Just like the Wise Lady in The Peterkin Papers, as one reviewer – and my own son—pointed out!)

What have the reviwers said?
“Guaranteed to produce giggles in all listeners.” –Hornbook

“The book’s infectious rhythm and rhyme demand that it be read aloud. …[Readers] will delight in its high spirits.” –School Library Journal

“sparkling tale.” –Publishers Weekly


3 thoughts on “Rachel Fister’s Blister

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  2. Vanessa D.

    A mom , a dad , a little sister , 2 brothers , 3 others friends, a rabbi , 2 maids , a doctor , a nurse
    a pastor , a postman , a priest , a vicar , a fireman , policeman , a farmer , 2 ladies and 1 queen .
    Now that’s 25 concerned people . 17 were adults . And of those 6 are learned professionals . Yet only
    one , queen Alice , knew that a kiss should be at the top of the Fister’s list of blister treatments .
    Next time call Darryl Hall and John Oates they wrote a song that offer good advice .
    Ha , Ha , Ha ,Ha ! This a definite read again book about ” boo-boos” .

    Thanks Amy !

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