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Little Beaver Set to Music (PowerPoint)

Thanks to composer William Trevaskis and Waterman’s Community Center on North Haven Island in Maine, there is now a “musical setting” for Little Beaver and the Echo. Trevaskis recorded me reading Little Beaver to the children of North Haven, while Lois Shapiro, a musician from Boston, accompanied  the reading on the piano. Many thanks to both William and Lois for making it all sound so good!

Listen/watch here: Little Beaver read by author, with music

NOTE: It’s in PowerPoint format. Click on “slide show” tab, and then on “From Current Slide”

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Email of the Week

224028-LDear Amy

My husband Jim was curious where you learned the math trick that Aunt Mattie and Uncle Philbert talk about in the book [No More Nasty, p. 91]?  Do you know if it has an official name?  He was curious how the 3-digit method works.  My husband is good with numbers and my daughter was amazed that she could put the numbers in the calculator as quickly as her dad could solve them on paper using this new method.  Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you, Kim

Dear Kim,

The official name is “Multi-Qwik, Uncle Philbert’s Patented Homework Reducing Time Saving Three Step Multiple Digit Multiplication Method.” Really. It was invented by a friend of mine when he was in grade school, and it really does work. He figured out that he could do his math homework quicker that way, and he actually DID get in trouble with his teacher for doing his math this way, instead of how the book said to do it.
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. And it really is patented.
 Amy MacDonald
P.S. Click here for Classroom Activities related to the Multi-Qwik math trick.

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Maine Debut of Little Beaver

Had a great time watching Scarborough 1st and 5th grades perform the Maine stage debut of Little Beaver and the Echo last night. Thanks!

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Sneak Peek: Little Beaver and the Big Front Tooth

Poor Little Beaver is worried about losing his Big Front Tooth. Can he be a real beaver without two front teeth? Little Beaver and the Big Front Tooth is scheduled for publication in 2012. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover (it’s illustrated by the same artist who did Little Beaver and the Echo, Sara Fox-Davies). It’s scheduled for publication in June 2012 in England.

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