CA: Quentin Fenton Herter III

Classroom Activities for Quentin Fenton Herter III:

1. Reading: (For older students) Read No More Nice or No More Nasty. Do you notice any similarities between Quentin and Simon?

2. Discussion: Are you more like the ‘good’ Quentin or the ‘naughty’ Quentin? Are most people a little of each?

3. Discussion: Is it more fun to read about the good or the naughty Quentin? Why do you think this is?

4. Discussion: What happens at the end to the two Quentins and their cousin?

5. Art: You will need large (child-sized) sheets of paper and colored markers. Lie on the paper and have another student trace your outline. Do this on each side of the paper. Now color in the tracing, making one side the ‘good’ you and one side the ‘naughty’ you. Can also be done in chalk outdoors.

6. Movement: Pair students up and have them face each other. Have one be the ‘good’ one and one the ‘naughty’ one. Let the good one start by making very small and slow movements that the other student has to mirror. When the teacher claps her hands, the naughty one takes over leading the movement. Now see if the students can alternate leading without any instruction about when to change leaders. Lastly, see if the students can ‘act’ their parts, the naughty one doing a ‘naughty’ version of what the good one is doing, and vice versa.

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