Un-Lessons from Mattie & Philbert

Uncle Philbert & Aunt Maddie Ready for UN-Lessons

These Un-Lessons are gleaned from the books No More Nice, No More Nasty, and Too Much Flapdoodle and, of course, the uncanny minds of Aunt Mattie and Uncle Philbert.

As you my know, Aunt Mattie and Uncle Philbert are rather fond of teaching. Some of their lessons (or un-lessons) might not be quite right for school, but they say go ahead and use any old thing on this website that you find useful. You can even make copies.

(But, don’t even try to get the secret for the infamous Mighty Muculent Egg-Breaking Breakfast-Making Morning-Waking Machine out of them. They will go to the grave with it.)

Un-Lessons to Explore:


Other “Flapdoodle” fun:

Parker’s Blog

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