Un-Lessons: Math Tricks

Uncle Philbert & Aunt Maddie Ready for UN-Lessons

These Un-Lessons are gleaned from the books No More Nice, No More Nasty, and Too Much Flapdoodle and, of course, the uncanny minds of Aunt Mattie and Uncle Philbert.

Multi-Qwik: Uncle Philbert’s Homework-Reducing, Three-Step, Multiple-Digit Multiplication Method

Once you cotton on to this nifty little multiplication trick, all your pals will think you’re a Major Math Brain. Even if you ain’t. You’ll be able to amaze your friends by multiplying big numbers in your head.

Listen up, because I’m only gonna explain it once and—what’s that? Okay. Simon says that to find out how to do the trick you have to “Click here” to “down load” it. (And if you have any idea what that means, you’re a better man than I am.)

DOWNLOAD a PDF of Multi-Qwik Math Tricks.



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