Un-Lessons: Word Play

Uncle Philbert & Aunt Maddie Ready for UN-Lessons

These Un-Lessons are gleaned from the books No More Nice, No More Nasty, and Too Much Flapdoodle and, of course, the uncanny minds of Aunt Mattie and Uncle Philbert.

Games for Folks Who Like to Mess About With Words

Cussin’ Mad Libs
By Aunt Mattie
The art of the creative insult, in a vocabulary-boosting game form. Or, as Uncle Philbert would say, “Any moron can swear. It takes a genius to cuss.”
DOWNLOAD a PDF of Cussin’ Mad Libs

Dictionary Game & Dictionary of the Weird
By Aunt Mattie
Ever heard of ‘fubsy’? Or ‘bibliobulia’? No? This game’s for you.  Also, make you own dictionary of weird words!
DOWNLOAD a PDF of the Dictionary Games



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