Manuscript Critiques

Manuscript Critiques for Beginners 
through Advanced Writers

Do you have a children’s book manuscript you would like published?

Amy has taught the art of writing for children to hundreds of students, both through workshops and in individual one-on-one work. (Her teaching credentials are here.) Many of her students have gone on to publish books of their own.

She offers individual instruction and consultation for writers working on children’s book manuscripts, from board books through young adult. For a fee she will:

• Read and comment on a manuscript, providing detailed, line-by-line editorial suggestions as well as a general critique of what the story needs, to get it in shape to submit to publishers;

• Review any changes and revisions made as a result of the consultation;

• Offer advice on how to submit a manuscript, and to whom; and/or how to find an agent to work with.

To arrange an individual manuscript critique, contact Amy directly.


4 thoughts on “Manuscript Critiques

  1. Fanile D

    Hi Amy I would like to have my manuscript critiqued. Its a +/-120 page non-fiction memoir of my life. Please help me.

  2. HI Amy, I have a children’s book approx 1250 words. What do you charge for a critique?
    Debbie S.

    • Amy MacDonald

      Somehow this comment never reached me–sorry! If you are still interested in a critique ($150 for a picture book), please get in touch via email (

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