Chapter Books

Uncle Philbet & Aunt Mattie in TOO MUCH FLAPDOODLE!

Aunt Mattie here and that is Uncle Philbert fussin’ away in my sidecar.  And our great nephews, Simon and Parker, are around here somewhere…

Why am I here?  Well, somebody named Amy MacDonald got it into her head to write three books about us all.

The first, No More Nice, is about Simon’s first visit to our farm.


The second, No More Nasty, tells about when I became Simon’s substitute teacher for a spell.  Oh, that infamous Mighty Muculent Egg-Breaking Breakfast-Making Morning-Waking Machine…


And the third, Too Much Flapdoodle, is about when Parker came to stay and had to rescue the farm from some foolishness.


I haven’t read ‘em myself, but some fella named Kirkus has, and he thinks they’re a “read-aloud treat” that will have readers “laughing out loud.” Sounds a little rude, if you ask me.

As a special treat you can now get both No More Nice and No More Nasty in ONE book, a paperback at that! Don’t ask me how they do that!


One more thing: Simon and Parker rounded up all our so-called peculiar Un-Lessons they learned from Philbert and me and posted them on this web site.  Uncle Philbert still thinks the “web site” is the corner of the living room where the spiders took over.  We know better, of course…

Anyway, keep your corporosity gashiating, my friends.


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