CA: No More Nice

Classroom Activities for No More Nice:


Explore and Download “Un-Lessons” from Aunt Mattie and Uncle Philbert that
encompass the linked chapter books, No More Nice, No More Nasty, and
Too Much Flapdoodle!


Discussion Points:
1. Have you ever heard the expression “too good for his own good”? Does this apply to Simon? How?

2. Why is Simon worried about stepping out of line? Have you ever felt that way?

3. In the first chapters, what clues do you get that Simon is not happy at school?

4. Simon isn’t the only one who gets bullied. Are there grown-ups in the book who get bullied? By whom? Are there grown-ups who bully kids?

5. Talk about different ways to deal with bullies.

6. Why do you think that Simon has never met Aunt Mattie before?

7. What does Simon learn about the difference between being rude–and standing up for himself?

8. Write to me with your answers or questions – I’d love to hear from you! My email is



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