Amy MacDonald

10 Winslow Rd.

Falmouth, ME 04105Email:

(207) 781-5526


MWPA_blue_200For Bookings:

Janet Zade

Zade Educational Partners

33 Talbot Rd, Hingham, MA 02043

Phone: (781-749-2733

You can also find Amy MacDonald on Facebook or Twitter.


(Illustration by Cat Bowman Smith)


17 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Justin Ward

    Hi Amy,
    I think my customer Liga contacted you about a possible booksigning/appearance in Bridgton. I didn’t realize you have a New Little Beaver book out. How exciting! Let me know if you have any interest in coming over. Thanks,
    Justin Ward Bridgton Books 207-647-2122

  2. Jess

    I have to make a time line and can’t find anything with dates about you. Could you help. I saw you a few years ago at young authors at UMPI. i’m a huge fan, and I am still writing like you said 🙂

    • Amy MacDonald

      Hi, Jess. How lovely that you are still writing. I remember the UMPI Young Authors visit very clearly. So glad it inspired you to keep writing. If you go to the About tab and click on “for Kids,” there is a timeline.

      • Jess

        Thank you soo much. You inspired me to keep writing and take extra English. I am taking honors, and that is what the time line is for thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Amy! I am a fellow children’s book writer and I am wondering if you could offer any advice to help me get into making school visits?

  4. Hello Amy! I have just relocated to La Jolla Ca from Falmouth Maine. I am having an idea to start a very important book called “Bullies can be anywhere, even in your house” It will be to educate families about what to do if they encounter these abuse problems and to put it in perspective. It can be groups of people lying about you.. or just one as well. But mostly people are good and how can we work with these groups such as Project Sarah at Jewish Family Services has helped me. I have so many ideas on this and how it should be a book in every child’s book list! As Project Sarah says it is not your fault and there are tons of people who care about you. My children grew up with your wonderful charming books so I am thinking how nice this would be. Yes I am the one developing

    • Amy MacDonald

      Hi, Carolyn. I grew up in Beverly MA so we have been neighbors for a while. Thanks for your comment and the description of your book project. Good luck with it–it sounds interesting.

  5. Austen Naughten

    We’re moving house and I just unearthed my copy of “A very Young Housewife”, which I’d forgotten I even owned. Brilliant, laugh-out-loud satire. The breakfast photos are just hilarious. I’m laughing as a I type.

    For what it’s worth, my wife goes out to work and I raise the kids and get “dishpan hands”. So a generation on, things have changed for the better, a little…..

    Anyway, it was an inspired piece of work. Well done.

    Austen, Oxford, GB

    • Amy MacDonald

      Dear Austen,
      Thanks for getting in touch and your kind comments about Very Young Housewife. I hope you get help for your dishpan hands! Some Dammitol works well, I understand! 🙂

  6. nenad arizanovic

    hello Amy,
    i am a librarian from Slovenia, we want to play (librarians) a teater performance on your book “Little Beaver and the Echo”. This is a amateur play only for children from the library, but I have to ask you becouse copyright.
    tnx for the reply and i wish you a good day

    sorry my english


    • Amy MacDonald

      Dear Nenad,
      Go ahead with the theater production. YOu have my permission. And good luck with it.Send me a photo for my web site.

  7. ASH

    Can I have your autograph????
    Do you respond to letters?

    • Amy MacDonald

      I am always happy to reply to letters and give autographs. I’ll email you my address.

  8. ASH

    could you do it here?/

  9. Constance Vidor

    Hi Amy, I am a librarian in NYC. I just discovered your wonderful book Please, Malese. What a wonderful trickster tale! My students will love it. Thank you!

    • Amy MacDonald

      So glad to hear you and your class enjoyed Please Malese! It’s one of my favorites and was lots of fun to write. Thanks for writing.

  10. Andrea Martin

    I am a Literacy teacher at C.A. Snow school in Fryeburg Maine. I would love for you to visit our school!
    Are you available the first week in March?

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