Little Beaver and the Big Front Tooth

Little Beaver and the Big Front Tooth
By Amy MacDonald
Illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies
Published by Walker Books Ltd
Ages 2-7 years

June 2012
Available in U.K.

Order U.K. edition



What the reviews said:

“Brilliant Reads to Banish Boredom:

Fans of the award-winning Little Beaver And The Echo will love this long-awaited follow-up, in which the little Beaver is scared that his wobbly front tooth is about to fall out. Hiding from his bemused friends, he visits various other species of animal to ask whether he might not be a beaver after all. The delicate illustrations and the gentle, reassuring tone of this book make it ideal for reading out loud with young children about to lose a tooth, or simply unsure about where they belong in the world.” ¬† The Daily Mail (London)

“My three-year-old loved this book., an enchanting story of a little beaver with a loose front tooth…This is a lovely story about acceptance, friendship, and growing up, with beautiful illustrations by Sarah Fox-Davies, a book which will be enjoyed by children of all ages.” –-Carousel, the Guide to Children’s Books¬† (London)

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