CA: No More Nasty

Classroom Activities for No More Nasty:


Explore and Download “Un-Lessons” from Aunt Mattie and Uncle Philbert that
encompass the linked chapter books, No More Nice, No More Nasty, and
Too Much Flapdoodle!


1. Discussion:

a. Why do other kids look up to Jimmy?

b. How does Julie get attention?

c. If Simon loves Aunt Mattie so much, why is it such a shock for him when she comes to teach his class? Have you ever felt embarrassed by a relative in front of your friends? Do you think Simon is a coward – or a traitor – for not admitting she is his great aunt? What would you do in that situation?

d. Why do you think Jimmy agreed to be Raggie’s “guardian angel”?

e. What do you think about Julie’s “Parallel Universe” theory? Does it make sense?

f. Mr. Farley’s class keeps winning the Science Fair – does that mean he’s a good teacher? How is Aunt Mattie different from him as a teacher? Who would you rather have?

g. At what point does the class decide that Aunt Mattie is okay? How does that make Julie feel?

h. What does Julie mean when she says, “Sometimes you just have to believe in something, no matter how weird it looks”?

i. Do you think Julie suspects all along that Simon and Aunt Mattie are related? Why?

j. Write to me with your answers or questions – I’d love to hear from you! My email is

2. Math: See if you can master Uncle Philbert’s “patented” Multi-Qwik multiplication method. Use the diagram on page 91.

3. Vocabulary:

a. The Dictionary Game. Do some vocabulary words Aunt Mattie style: pick one of the words from the Glossary at the end of the book (if kids haven’t read it). Or use words from your own vocabulary list. Practice first by copying a definition or two out of the dictionary for other vocabulary words, so that students get the hang of the sound of dictionary definitions.

b. Make a double dictionary, as the children at Jeter School in Opelika, Alabama, did: The first half features real words and definitions; flip it over, and the second half is full of “fake” defintions or words. .

c. Or try what several classes at Morris Avenue School in Opelika, Alabama, did: they found their own REALLY obscure words, words that Aunt Mattie might have liked, like “bibliobulia” (a disease of reading too much!). I never heard of that word! Very impressive.  [Thanks to the kids and teachers at Jeter School (Opelika, AL) for those ideas!]

4. Writing:

a. Describe the perfect sub.

b. List 20 ways to “Sink a Sub.”

5. Art: Draw the Mighty Muculent Egg-Breaking and Morning Waking Machine: all the clues are in the text.

6. Math: Uncle Philbert’s “Multi-Qwik” multiplication method really works! Even more interesting: t was invented by a boy in the third grade. This boy–now a grown-up–told me the story of how he invented it to make his homework faster. And he actually DID get in trouble for using it in school instead of the way the text book said to do it!

a. Make up some simple multiplication examples and try using Multi-Qwik to solve them.

b. Now try it using 3-digit numbers!!

c. Try to figure out WHY it works. Then mail me the answer!!!

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