Virtual Workshops & Presentations Now Available Live & Online

For schools looking for “distance learning” enrichment programs: nearly all of my school presentations and writing workshops are now available online through Zoom.

These workshops require little or no student materials:

  1. Writing by Storm (Gr. 1-4) is a group brainstorming session where we create a story together. Zoom allows me to use my computer screen in place of a white board, and there are no other technical requirements.
  2.  “Becoming an Author” (K-8) is a schoolwide presentation but can be tailored to smaller groups; Zoom can accommodate about 100 students for this session. Again, Zoom allows my computer screen to replace a Power Point projection.
  3. Other writing workshops such as “Big Book” (K) and “Where Do Ideas Come From?” (Gr. 1-5)  can also be done “live” on Zoom. The latter requires students to have a pencil and paper.

Visit the “School Visits” page here for more details on each workshop.

Prices for these workshops are adaptable to the new circumstances as well. Please click on “Contact” to be in touch with me or my booking agent.

And stay well during this challenging time.




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Never Lend Me a Book

I’m hard on books. I read them in the bath, dog ear pages (though never write in them), splay them face down. With paperbacks that is. Hardcover usually gets treated better. the old man and the seaBut yesterday I was reading a hardcover of Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea and had to stop myself from dog-earing a favorite passage. A sudden thought struck me—though in pristine condition, the book had been gathering dust in my bookshelf for decades; I checked the copyright page. Sure enough, it was a bona fide first edition. Rare, collectible, and worth many thousands of dollars. Or priceless, depending on point of view. And I came THAT close to ruining it.

In the future I will be a better person.

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Snow joke…’s no joke

Wrote this little joke in honor of all the snow we’ve had this winter:

Front door. Since this was taken another 12" has fallen.

Front door. Since this was taken another 12″ has fallen.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Armageddon who?
Armageddon mighty tired OF ALL THIS SNOW!!!!!!!


Do I have a future as a joke writer? Or should I keep my day job?

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Why I Don’t Write Poems

In honor of National Poetry month, I bravely post here my very first, and likely last, poem, inspired by Richard Blanco’s wonderful poem for the President’s inauguration, <a title=”One Today” href=”http://www.richard-blanco.com/inaugural-poet/one-today.php”>One Today</a>,  and by his  equally wonderful reading in Portland earlier this month.

Why I Don’t Write Poems

When it came time to pen

his poem about America, fellow

Mainer Richard Blanco wrote about

a school bus “pencil yellow.”

No one asked me to write that ode

but if they had

it would have been a

a school bus “mustard-yellow.”

And that is why

Richard Blanco is a poet

and I…

‘m not.

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