References & Testimonials

Nancy Mark, Librarian
John F. Kennedy Elementary School
Canton, MA
Tel. (781) 821-5080 x104

Linda Rabinowitz
Torah Day School of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
Tel. (404) 982-0800

Dr. Ray Winegar
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
Opelika Schools
Opelika, Alabama
Tel. (334) 745-9400

Sheila Geraty,
Brookwood School
Manchester, Mass.
Tel. (978) 526-4500

Margy Soule,
Jordan Acres School
Brunswick, ME.
Tel. (207) 729-3981

For references regarding teacher workshops:
Amy Duma
John F. Kennedy Ctr. for Performing Arts
Washington, DC 20566
Tel. (202) 416-8812

“Our school has invested a great deal of time and energy developing an effective writing program. But one of the single most powerful days was Amy’s visit in terms of generating student enthusiasm for writing and for empowering teachers. Amy’s workshops were especially powerful because she does not teach down to any grade level. Her resources, style as a teacher, and use of language bring students of all ages up to the level of real writers. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy’s workshops as a complement, supplement, and all-round pick-me-up to any writing program.”  –Ben Weinberg, Principal, American International School of Johannesberg, South Africa (Pretoria Campus)

“[The teachers ] were very pleased with the instructional tools that you were modeling. For example, two teachers talked about how what you taught fit in with what they were teaching–and extended it. In another class, the teachers (and my practicum students) continued to develop the groundwork you laid,especialy with students who needed more support. They were excited about the ideas and the format.”

“I was pleased that these were not ‘cute’ little one-shot writing activities being demonstrated, but part of on-going insturctions, the substantive kind of instruction that makes visible the tacit rules of stories yet also engages the children in the whole of writing, not just simplified exercises.”  –Pat Wilson, Education Dept., University of New Hampshire (after sitting in on several writing workshops)

“Her style and approach were captivating.” –Kindergarten Teacher

“My class was very excited about the story we wrote with Amy. When we got back to the classroom, they were extremely eager to write their own stories.” –First Grade Teacher

“Amy has a very gentle way which enables her to capture and maintain the attention of very young children.” –Second Grade Teacher

“Excellent presentation…Some of my’quieter’ and my ‘slower’ students particiapted eagerly. (How wonderful for them!)” –Third Grade Teacher

“I’ve talked about ‘beginning, middle, and end’ of stories FOREVER. However, the way you rpesented it showed them another approach. They took ownership of the piece. the visual made an impressionon them–they are still referring to it. I am sure I will frequently make reference to it when I discuss their stories.” –Third Grade Teacher

“It’s a very sensible, understandable, workable approach for kids–it’s got to work!” –Third Grade Teacher

“Great! Kids loved it!” –Fifth Grade Teacher

“Excellent approach. Amy baited the hook and reeled them in. They wrote some of the best stuff they have come up with all year.” –Sixth Grade Teacher

“The editing/revising session was very valuable. Thanks!” –Eighth Grade Teacher

“Wow! What a great program you put on last night! Everyone wa impressed with you and there were many comments as to how professional you were. Not many authors have such a comprehensive and informative program.”

“The students were very motivated to write after having spent time with you. It is providing these real life connections for our children that really enriches their learning experience.”

“You hve the gift of being a great writer and educator–a valuable combination for schools.”

And Children!
“You made me feel like I want to write!” –First Grader

“What you told us really helped us write stories.” –Fourth Grader

Testimonials regarding teacher workshops:
“Creative, immediate application [for classroom], humorous speaker, not “test prep” session. Invite all teachers to this–very beneficial to make writing fun. Great perspective!”

“Amy was wonderful. I’d like to take another workshop with her.”

“I loved the whole thing. it reinforced the writing process and how to teach it.”

“This was great! Our 3/4 faculty would really benefit from hearing Amy’s strategies and feeling her energy!”

“Very congruent with our writing strategies.”  –Johnson City, NY


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